While abortion is a very quick procedure, it has many lasting repercussions. Abortion causes severe and long-lasting psychological effects, not just for women, but also for many men. Some women report feeling an immediate feeling of relief following an abortion, but many find themselves later coping with feelings they did not expect and were never warned about. A study performed by Priscilla Coleman, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University, in 2011 found that that women who have undergone an abortion are 81% more likely to have mental health problems. In addition, 10% of all mental health problems in women can be directly attributable to abortion. Some of the symptoms of post abortion stress are: numbness, emptiness, sadness, long-term grief, anger, sexual dysfunction, post-traumatic stress disorder, guilt, flashbacks, memory repression, anniversary reactions, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, increased alcohol and drug use and difficulty maintaining close relationships.  Abortion Grief Australia (AGA) reports that abortion is a leading cause of family breakdown. For example, AGA have found that most couples do not remain together after abortion and that abortions performed to save relationships almost never work. Furthermore, married couples often struggle to maintain their relationship after an abortion. Post abortion stress is treatable, although counselling and support must be sort immediately.